Good Catch Award winner improves oxygen tank management

Attention to detail lets us all breathe easier

A big congratulations to Monica Sevigny RPN, recipient of the Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice Good Catch Award, which celebrates staff interventions that result in safer care for our guests.

Her keen eye and attention to details alerted us to the fact that our supply of full oxygen tanks was running low, which had the potential to delay our guests. Thanks to her intervention, we’ve improved safety and now have a better way to visually monitor and manage our oxygen tanks supply. Great job, Monica!

This is Monica’s second Good Catch Award, having been recognized in 2022 for bringing to light an opportunity to improve our verification of the availability, location, and contents of a tracheotomy emergency kit at the beginning of each shift. This good catch allowed for the development of more rigorous safety checks for emergency kits to support our guests.


Great job, Monica!

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