Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice is a home away from home for children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

We enrich the quality of lives, no matter how short.

Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice is only one of a handful of pediatric hospice palliative care facilities across Canada. Our daily purpose, which gets us all up and going each day and every shift, is our commitment to enhancing the quality of young lives, easing a difficult journey, and creating enduring legacies.

Discover our home away from home, an uplifting place where kids can be kids, families feel supported, and memories are made.

Take a video tour of Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice to see how days are spent, difficult journeys are supported, and young lives are enriched.

We live our values of home-away-from-home respect, family-focused care, collaboration, innovation, excellence, learning and celebration.

We accompany families and caregivers through a difficult journey, helping them navigate a child’s life-limiting illness and supporting them during times of unimaginable grief. Life, no matter how short, should be lived to the fullest.

Care, support and compassion

Pediatric hospice palliative care

Our expert clinical care is provided in a home-like setting, an environment that fosters the youthful joy that comes when kids can simply be kids.

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Family & Caregiver Support

Children and families can access professional support services to address emotional, psychological, spiritual and practical needs.

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Memory Making & Legacy Building

Recognizing the importance of capturing a child’s life and legacy, we create special moments and mementos to celebrate life and families.

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Perinatal Palliative Care Hospice

We offer emotional support to people who have experienced loss during pregnancy, childbirth or shortly after birth.

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Grief Support

We provide compassionate support for caregivers, siblings and grandparents preparing for and dealing with the passing of a child.

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Roger Neilson made an impact on and off the ice.

Beyond his many accomplishments in hockey, Roger Neilson was known for his warmth, kindness, and dedication to improving the lives of children.
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Bring joy and comfort to extraordinary children and loving families.

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Experience workdays filled with compassion, collaboration, and care.

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Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice Stories

Discover the touching stories and journeys of children, families and caregivers.

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Marion Rattray Award – 2024
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