It is with immense pleasure that we announce this year’s recipient of the Marion Rattray Award of Excellence in Pediatric Palliative Care, Dr. Stephanie van Zanten.

This award, given annually as part of our Hospice Palliative Care Week celebrations, recognizes the outstanding contribution of a Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice / Palliative Care Team staff member who demonstrates the following attributes and is nominated by their peers:

  • Shows creativity in fulfilling the dreams of children facing a life-limiting illness
  • Goes above and beyond in helping to meet the needs of the children and families using Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice services
  • Acts as an advocate for children, families, and pediatric palliative care, and
  • Works collaboratively with their colleagues & helps to promote a positive work environment in the face of grief and loss.


In 2024, we celebrate Dr. Stephanie van Zanten as the well deserving recipient of this award! Here is an excerpt from a nomination:

Dr. Van Zanten’s commitment to our EOL and PSMT kiddos and families goes above and beyond what is expected of her, and her work ethic is incredibly admirable. Her approach is gentle, assertive, collaborative, and above all else: compassionate. Through witnessing the way Dr. Van Zanten engages with families, she has served as a role model for me and helped shape the ways I engage and communicate with families myself. She is incredibly collaborative with the interdisciplinary team as well, and takes into account everyone’s insights and observations. She will always ask for my perspective on a patient or situation, and is diligent in expressing her gratitude after challenging cases. She makes me feel like I’m a valued member of the team and I’m confident others feel the same.

Congratulations Dr. Steph, we are so privileged to work alongside you, to have been supported by you, and to witness your patient advocacy.

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