Good Catch Award

Nahal Yazdani (manager), Megan Wright (executive director), Stephanie Toll (RPN), Ian Hendry (chair of the board), Stephanie Poirier (manager of quality and safety).

At Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice, the nursing team must use the medication administration record (MAR) to obtain specific directions about the administration of medications. Stephanie Toll, RPN, noticed that the guest she cared for had unclear information about seizure rescue medications in the MAR. This could potentially cause a medication error where the timing of medication administration or the dose would be incorrect. She connected with the physician to clarify the order and confirm dosing, thus reducing the likelihood of error. Stephanie embodies our mission at Roger Neilson Children’s Hospice: to meet the unique palliative care needs of newborns, children, youth, and families.  We advocate, advance clinical care, offer family support, and promote research and knowledge sharing. Good Catch, Stephanie!

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